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Exploring climate model data

CLIPC data

This is the CLIPC data repository at climate4impact to store project results. Datasets are stored in the NetCDF file format and made available via a THREDDS server. More information about CLIPC can be found at

The THREDDS catalog is located here:

CLIPC file upload directory

Data repository where partners upload their files.

CLIPC Heat stress use case data

Data repository for heat stress use case

CLIPC Forest use case data

Data repository for forest use case

Tiled datasets serviced as WMS

Some datasets are stored in several (~6000 per dataset) high resolution tiles. In order to serve these datasets with a WMS or WCS, ADAGUC has scanned and indexed these files. Piramids have been created to offer responsive and interactive WMS services.

Tiled PIK datasets as WMS/WCS

Configuration for these datasets can be found under bhlnmgis:/data/webgis/is-enes/climate4impact/adagucconfig/datasets



The IS-ENES project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.