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Exploring climate model data

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Use climate model data

Within Europe, a large number of impact, vulnerability and adaptation studies are taking place. From a few selected representative Use Cases, commonalities have been identified in the data processing tools and in the steps required to go from the GCM data to the impact model data or study.

These Use Cases show how data providers (climate science specialists) and users are taking into account greenhouse gas scenarios, spatial resolution needs, uncertainties, climate variability, among others, which are very important when performing impact, vulnerability and adaptation studies. You can start with guidance on the neccessary climate data selection and processing steps that you need to make, irrespective of the impact sector that you work in: Generic work flow. Variations on, and specification of this general work flow can then be made that may differ between the various impact themes, which can be displayed by clicking one of the images below representing the corresponding themes.








Water Management



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