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Exploring climate model data

Infrastructure and Urban


Urban environment, buildings and infrastructure are vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. They need to be assessed for resilience to risks related to the consequences of future climate changes. Their vulnerabilities can be related to flooding, heat waves, and more frequent and severe water shortages.

Climate Change Trends

In Europe, it can be expected that climate change trends will include more frequent heat waves, along with severe water shortages in southern Europe. Floodings may result from extreme precipitation which the urban drainage system cannot cope with. Even if the annual amount of precipitation is expected to decrease in the future in southern Europe, the occurrence of floods in this region is not expected to decrease. Heat waves are augmented in cities due to the urban heat island effect.

Impacts, Adaptation, Vulnerabilities

Urban management, roads, tunnel, and infrastructure in general need to take into account changes in extreme temperature and precipitation events. Asset managment should anticipate trends in average temperature and precipitation. City planning and design may be directed at minimizing the urban heat island effect, through provision of more green areas and open water and even roof whitening. It is suggested that integrated urban management plans should incorporate measures to limit climatic environmental risk and so enable urban areas to deal better with such changes. Regarding buildings, there are currently no national codes regulating climate resistance, as opposed to earthquake resistance.

Typical Workflow

For generic workflow information see that section. Specific information on workflows for this domain will follow soon. See also the Use Cases below.

Use Cases

Here are some selected IS-ENES National Use Cases regarding Infrastructure and Urban:




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