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Exploring climate model data

Nature & Biodiversity


Diversity of ecosystems as well as of floristic and fauna composition has great intrinsic value as well as providing importrant services. Wonder about nature beauty and complixity is highly valued in large parts of our society. Water retention and carbon sequestration are among the more prominent ecosystem services, as is maintaining a diverse genepool. Nature is also an important touristic attractor, providing opportunities for retreat from society its mental demands and for more active leisure activities.

Climate Change Trends

Climate change is projected to lead to significant changes in precipitation and temperature patterns across Europe. The general picture is that winter precipitation amounts will increase in Northern Europe and summer precipitation amounts will decrease in Southern Europe. As a result of higher temperatures the growing season will probably lengthen and progressively so towards Northern Europe. The likelihood of extreme precipitation events and heat waves events will increase throughout Europe, while winter cold extremes will occur less frequently. As a result the meteorological suitability for many plant and animal species will change with important consequences for their survival, especially on the extremes of their present geographical range.

Impacts, Adaptation, Vulnerabilities

Climate change is expected to have a substantial impact on biodiversity, the functioning of ecosystems, and their ability to deliver ecosystem services on which society and economies depend. Average climate change generally causes the optimal climatic range of biome and ecosystems to migrate north wards. At the same time the increased likelyhood of climatic extremes will cause more frequent disturbances of sensitive ecoystems. Especially fragmentation of ecosystems and loss of connectivity between habitats in densely populated areas are seen as a contraint to the adaptive capacity and resilience of nature areas. Thus, climate change interacts and often exacerbates other pressures on biodiversity and, together with land-use change, is projected to become the greatest driver of global biodiversity loss. Although ecosystems are threatened by climate change, they are also part of the adaptation solution as they perform important services for society such as climate regulation, carbon sequestration, flood protection and the prevention of soil erosion .

Typical Workflow

For generic workflow information see that section. Specific information on workflows for this domain will follow soon. See also the Use Cases below.

Use Cases

The following elaborated use cases are available as an example:



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