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Exploring climate model data

News! Checkout Climate4Impact v2, with new Search interface and Jupyter notebooks and become alpha user! Thanks for your feedback!

How to use the portal

Why sign in?

You need to sign in to use the download, downscale, visualize, plot and processing services. When signed in you get a personal basket, which contains your data selections and processing results.

Climate4impact uses the OpenID based Single Sign-on (SSO). You can sign in with any OpenID, but you need an ESGF registered OpenID (= ESGF account) to access most of the climate model data. This does implies that some of your personal information will be shared between the ESGF nodes.

How to create an ESGF account 

Why register to groups?

After creating an ESGF account you need to register to groups like CMIP5 Research and CORDEX. This means that your account will be registered to the group with access to CMIP5 and CORDEX.

It is possible that an administrator needs to give you access to a group manually and this will take a short period of time. You can register to any project at ESGF Data Access Control Groups.

Generic Use Cases: how you can use the portal services

The following generic use cases for climate impact users are described in a step-by-step way guiding you through the portal interface:
  • Expert simple use case - Data discovery and download:
    Select daily Near Surface Temperature (tas) and Sea level air pressure (psl) for RCP45 in the time period 1950-2099 for all the models from CMIP5, for the Northern Hemisphere
  • Calculate the anomaly and provide me a GIS compatible map for tas from model CNRM CMIP5 r1i1p1 for RCP85, for time periods 2071-2100 and 1971-2000 over Western Europe

Climate4impact was designed with a number of impact sectoral use cases mind. The use cases can be found here.

Data discovery

Data discovery provides access to:
  • Search: enables you to search through the ESGF climate model data archives using search filters and select data of interest.
  • Catalogs: provides access to non-ESGF data catalogs (e.g., E-Obs, CLIPC indicators)
  • Browse your own catalogs or datasets: provides the possibility to add your own catalog data. This enables to use this data in the processing services provided bij climate4impact.
  • Map and plot: view your data in the form of maps or more analytical plots before actually downloading the data you need. See Map and Plot section for guidance on usage.
  • Processing: Processing provides services to transform selected data into a custom product. You can create a time-series graph of several model outputs in order to compare the average temperature over time, or you can compare the relationship between temperature and precipitation over time for several models or calculate indices. For processing you need sign in and have data in your basket. Next is selecting the processing service of interest, set the parameters and press 'Start processing". The result data will be displayed to you in case of a plot or will be added to your basket.

Downloading data

When you have found data to download, you download it directly or add it to your basket. The basket is intelligent and will prevent duplicate entries. In your basket you can view/browse, download or delete your files. You can access you basket from Account You need to sign in before you can download or access your Account.

Questions remaining?

If you have remaining questions, please also take a look at the FAQ. If this does not provide an answer, please contact us.



The ENES3 project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084.