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Exploring climate model data

Create an ESGF account for data access

To be able to work with data from the ESGF infrastructure inside the climate4impact portal, you need to have a valid ESGF account. You also need to register the relevant groups like the CMIP5 and CORDEX. Follow the steps below to create an account. You can become a member of a group by going to the node where you created your account and register for a specific group. Earth System Grid Federation
  1. Create an acount: This can be done at an index node, for example at BADC-CEDA
  2. Provide details: You have to provide information like your name, email, username and password
  3. Open your account details: This lists the details of your account, including your OpenID identifier and registered groups.
  4. Join CMIP5 Research and CORDEX groups: This means that your account will be registered to the group with access to CMIP5 and CORDEX. It is possible that an administrator needs to give you access to a group manually, this will take a short period of time. You can register at any project via
  5. Login at this portal: Login with the OpenID given in your account details
  6. You are signed in! If everything has gone well, you are signed in and have access to CMIP5 and/or CORDEX data resources.





The ENES3 project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084.