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Exploring climate model data

Expert simple use case - Data discovery and download

Step by step: data discovery

Objective of this use case: Select and download daily temperature (tas) and sea level air pressure (psl) for RCP45 for the years 2006-2055 for the EC-EARTH model for the Northern Hemisphere from CMIP5.

Step 1: login

You need to login in order to be able to make use of the data services provided on the portal.

If you do not have an account, create one. This is explained here: create an ESGF account.


  • Click on 'Sign in', located top right on the page and at the right end of the menu bar
  • Click on ‘Login at BADC/CEDA’
  • Provide your CEDA username and password
  • Approve the OpenID request
  • You are redirected back to climate4impact and are signed in

Step 2: Data discovery

In ‘Data discovery’ you can search and filter the ESGF data nodes, which provide data from GCM, RCM and MIPS experiments.

Click on 'Data Discovery' in the menu bar.

For having access to the data you need an ESGF account (if you dont have an account yet, register here).

Now we need to select the right items to fulfill our use case objective. Selections you make are shown in the ‘Selected filters’ and all datasets matching your selections from the previous steps are loaded below that.

  • In the ‘Project’ tab select 'CMIP5'
  • In the ‘Parameter’ tab select 'Temperature (tas)' and 'SL Pressure (psl)'
  • In the ‘Frequency’ tab select 'daily'
  • In the ‘Experiment’ tab select 'Radiative forcing of 4.5 W m-2 (rcp45)'
  • In the ‘Model’ tab scroll down and select 'EC-EARTH'
  • In the ‘Date’ tab fill in 2006 till 2055 and click on ‘Search’
  • In the ‘Geobox’ tab fill in -180 for West, 180 for East, 90 for North and 0 for South and click on ‘Search’

Step 3: Data subsetting

You should have found 20 datasets. These represent different ensemble members and version numbers. For a detailed explanation of the naming system see here.
For this use case we will use the first dataset in the list:

Click on the arrow to the left of the dataset name to expand. This will show a list of files in the dataset. For the files in position 3-4 (psl) and 8-9 (tas), click on the basket icon to add these to the basket.

Step 4: Data download

You can download individual files by clicking on the ‘download’ link behind the file names mentioned in step 3. There you can also view the Metadata of a specific netCDF file.

To download the files that you have added to the basket click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page (next to the ‘Account’ link). You are directed to the ‘Basket’ page. Here you can select a file and click on ‘Download file’ to start the download. You can only download one file at a time.

Alternatively you can generate a script for downloading multiple files. Select files using Shift/Ctrl click and then click on ‘Script download’. You have to provide your CEDA user name and password so the security certificate can be included in the script.

The script you downloaded is a shellscript for use in the Unix shell. It uses Wget, a command line web browser for Unix. See explanation here.


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